Tara Ashley Treasures is now
By His Grace Inspirations

Welcome to our website!  Lots of new developments since your last visit. We started out as Tara Ashley Treasures, but have formed a new company, By His Grace Inspirations.  So many of you became our customers early on as Tara Ashley Treasures, so we decided to keep Tara Ashley Treasures as a jewelry line in our new company so you can find us.

Our name has changed, but ownership and designer remain the same. Owned and operated by myself Tara Waters with the help of my family.  All of our items are handmade.  We will begin offering not only jewelry, but scripture art, prayer boxes, decorative birdhouses and other gift items.

This change is meant to help us grow and offer a variety of beautiful handmade that we take great pride in creating and offering everything handmade to our customers.  This wouldn't be possible without the help of my family.

My husband Rick books us at local festivals and maintains our calendar of events. He also has built all of our displays, is my quality control man and prepares orders for shipment of our on-line sales.  Our grown up daughters and granddaughters are our advertisers, so you can see everyone in the family plays an important role in this business.

Did I mention that I LOVE earrings and Jewelry?  Did I mention that I have three daughters, six granddaughters and one daughter-in-law that love earrings and jewelry even more than I do?  My husband Rick is very happy that we create our own earrings and jewelry.  If we hadn't started making things, we would probably be broke by now.  (Just kidding).

All kidding aside, I have enjoyed crafting since childhood.  For as long as I can remember, I have created beautiful things to give as gifts.  It wasn't until October 2006 that I sold something I have made.  It all started while my daughter Ashley and I were shopping at Cornerstone Christian Store in Easley, South Carolina. Laurel Maco was working that day.  She complimented the earrings I was wearing and I shared that I had made them.  She was very excited and asked me to make some Christian jewelry for their store.  I made several samples and went back about a week later to show Laurel.  She loved the designs and bought almost everything I had brought to sell in their store.  It was that day that Tara Ashley Treasures was truly born.  We have been creating Christian earrings for Cornerstone Christian Store ever since.

So much has happened.  To make a long story short, what started out as a hobby working from our kitchen table has developed into a really fun business.  We now create jewelry from our in home studio. We sell at festivals and on our on-line stores on etsy. Click on our Stores tab for the web address for our on-line store.